Nuru Erotic Massage

Nuru Erotic Massage
In the East, intimate massage has always been perceived more than physical therapy. This is a way to achieve harmony at the physical level and mental balance. A particular attitude to the body underlies the culture of Asian peoples and it is not surprising that Europeans adopted many techniques of manual therapy from them.

Nuru massage first appeared in the land of the Rising Sun. Since ancient times in Japan, local experts have known how to provide the highest pleasure with a massage. Over time, this technique appeared in European countries, including France. Now in many spas – this is one of the most exclusive services, which is successful among both men and women.

What is the peculiarity of erotic massage Nuru?

During the session, the girl and the client are completely naked, their bodies are in maximum touching with each other. The main secret of the procedure is the use of a special gel or lotion. It is made from Japanese nori seaweed, is absolutely safe for health, does not cause allergic reactions. The gel has a pleasant clear texture, without aroma and is completely tasteless. This is a key feature of Nuru massage, which distinguishes it from other types of erotic massage. This feature is embedded in its name – in translation from Japanese, “Nuru” means “slippery”.

A masseuse applies the gel on her body and glides along the client’s body with smooth movements. In Nuru, all parts of the body are involved – the chest, buttocks, and hips. Smooth touches are replaced by more rhythmic ones. The masseuse’s naked body caresses the partner’s erogenous zones, gives a feeling of euphoria and pleasure. This helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic zone, helps to normalize the production of hormones. Even though the contact of the bodies of partners is very close, intimate penetration does not occur.

Properly performed Nuru massage restores a mental state. After the session, the person feels relaxation and a surge of new strength at the same time, leaving tiredness and anxiety. This is a great way not only to plunge into the world of your sexual fantasies but also to become more confident in yourself.

How is Nuru massage performed: technique and steps

In the classic format, the sequence of steps is important because it allows you to achieve maximum pleasure directly from the process. Before the session, the masseuse and the client are completely naked. It is also recommended to take a warm shower a few minutes before the procedure, as the water allows you to relax and tune in the right way.

Massage is performed as follows:

  1. Preparatory stage. The client lies belly down on a special mattress, which is well fixed and does not roll during movement. Thus, a person does not see what a masseuse looks like, it arouses imagination and promotes sexual arousal.
  2. Tactile touch. The masseuse liberally lubricates her body with gel and gently touches the back and shoulders of the client. When a person has reached a certain stage of pleasure, the specialist turns him on his back.
  3. The body massage. This is a key stage, which allows you to fully work out the intimate points and gives the largest range of pleasant sensations. Thanks to the gel, the skin becomes unbelievable elastic, so the movements can be both smooth and rhythmic. With her body, the masseuse gently touches the stomach, hips, hands, and head of the client. Nuru does not provide for sexual contact.

Benefits of erotic Nuru massage

A fairly exotic massage technique is surprising and enormous interest. Tactile caresses are accompanied by the exchange of sexual energy. According to the Japanese, this is the key to achieving bliss, because two different worlds touch each other during the session. This is a new experience, sensations that remain in memory for a long time. A man relaxes on a physical level thanks to repeated touches and alternate stroking.

During the session, the person completely forgets about the experiences, opens up to new sensations. It should also be noted that as a result of massage, hormones are produced in the body that activates sexual desire and energy.

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