What is an Erotic Massage?

What is an Erotic Massage?
Erotic massage has long gone out of the realm of fantasy and something inaccessible and completely changed the attitude of society towards itself. The hidden dream of most men and women has become a reality, because this service is already available in many premium massage parlors, including France.

The mystery of intimate massage came to us from ancient Greece. Local masseuses who owned intimate massage technologies were highly respected at the court of emperors and local nobility. Erotic massage has its characteristics in the techniques and techniques of execution, the results that are achieved. Pleasant comfortable atmosphere, tactile touches, light oriental music will take you to the world of tranquility and fantasy.

How is an erotic massage performed?

An erotic massage gives sensations that cannot be compared with anything. Relaxation combined with sexual arousal, this is a real explosion of emotions for any man and woman.

An intimate massage is a whole sacrament that borders on art. His technique is unique in that the masseuses perform all the actions in the nude. They have been trained and know how to give pleasant moments. All manipulations are carried out not only by hands. The uniqueness of this massage is that it is also performed by other parts of the body. The girl lays breasts on the body to the client, smoothly glides over him. Depending on the type of massage, hips and buttocks are also involved.

Before the session, the masseuses clarify the wishes of the client to use techniques that will fully satisfy the man. All touches are carried out smoothly, measuredly, while intimacy is eliminated. For a more comfortable atmosphere, slow music with oriental, meditative motives is often used.

The room is filled with a subtle aroma of sandalwood, almonds, macadamia or other essential oils, which are known as excellent aphrodisiacs. Aromatic oils contribute to additional relaxation and euphoria from what is happening around.

What are the benefits of erotic massage?

First of all, erotic massage is very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. It includes a whole range of techniques, with the help of which the physical condition is normalized, the general tone of the body increases. Of particular importance is the effect on the emotional state. After an intimate massage session, a person experiences a surge of strength, inspiration, and energy. As a result, emotional blocks are removed, which often act negatively and stop us on the path to development.

Erotic massage has the following advantages:

  • restoration of physical strength: after a massage session, lethargy in the body, fatigue, drowsiness, which are caused by excessive stress and chronic stress, go away. The technique includes classical massage techniques, which are aimed at stretching muscles, relieving tension throughout the body. As a result, human energy and internal resources are activated.
  • increased libido: gentle tactile touches during massage are directed to the erogenous zones, which stimulate arousal and passion.
  • improving sexual life: a sensitive type of massage reveals sexual potential, allows you to find the most sensitive areas, contact with which brings the most pleasure.
  • increased self-confidence: thanks to massage, a person becomes more open and liberated. It removes the “boundaries” in the head, allows you to change the attitude towards your body for the better.
  • elimination of complexes: erotic massage is often used not only for physical relaxation but also to combat internal feelings, shyness, which is often imposed by society and strict education. This is a great solution for those who want to take their body, get rid of complexes regarding appearance and become more open.

Erotic massage: the most popular types

Depending on the technique, the desired result, there are several types of intimate massage: Sensual, Nuru, Tantric and Body to Body. There are no age restrictions on this tissue – massage is ideal for those who want to restore physical strength, energy, and emotional state. Everyone can choose for themselves the type of massage that most impresses him.

The most common is candid Nuru massage. It is performed by a girl in the nude with her whole body, using a special gel. Due to this, tactile sensations become more pleasant, sliding from the body to body occurs smoothly.

Four hands massage is also very popular. Two naked girls perform the massage of the upper and lower body at the same time. Acting synchronously, they use different receptors, so the level of pleasure rises to the limit.

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