Tantric Erotic Massage

Tantric Erotic Massage
An intense tantric massage does not subside. Having originated in India, in a short time it became popular far beyond the borders of the country. The basis of the practice is the ideology of a special relationship with your body and the realization of true desires. The main purpose of erotic massage is to find mental balance, the disclosure of sexual potential.

How is tantric massage performed?

This is a unique philosophy since it includes work not only with the body. This is works with the subconscious of a person, his spirituality. The unique tantric ideology considers the physical closeness of partners as a form of meditation, unity with the universe. This is a form of energy exchange, which results in the peak of the highest pleasure.

The basis of professional tantric massage is the effect on certain points of the body, which reveal sensuality and allow you to relax. Touching is performed by any parts of the body, for example, hands, buttocks. Depending on customer preferences, additional attributes such as feathers, fur or hot lava stones can also be used. Smooth movements are replaced by rhythmic and vice versa.

A certain atmosphere is an important component of classical tantric massage. In a secluded room, the client lies on a mattress. A subtle aroma of natural macadamia oil is floating in the air, calm oriental music is turned on. Subdued light complements the created atmosphere with notes of mystery.

To massage the body, the masseuse uses natural essential oils or cosmetics. Thus, the created atmosphere adjusts to the desired mood, promotes peace of mind.

Distinguish massage of white and black tantra. The first option is focused on the development and awakening of awareness and the disclosure of hidden internal reserves. As a rule, pre-heated stones are used for this tantra massage.

Black tantra has a pronounced sexual connotation. This practice is focused on the development of sensuality. In addition to the classical methods, it includes massage of the intimate zone, which is performed by the hips, buttocks, stomach.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

It is a kind of meditation aimed at open hidden resources. Many spiritual practitioners see in this massage a way of accepting their body, the development of self-love and the acquisition of inner freedom. It is also a good way to become more relaxed and remove emotional blocks.

Tantric massage also has these advantages:

  • physical relaxation: due to the action on certain points, the state of muscles improves, the body gains tone.
  • increased libido: the massage therapist touches the body, intimate areas contribute to the awakening of sensitivity, sexual arousal without physical penetration. This is a great way to develop your sensory system, to understand how the body reacts to one or another tactile touch.
  • acquisition of peace of mind: tantra massage is not only physical therapy. During the session, the tantric breathing technique is applied, which acts like meditation. As a result, a person’s thoughts are cleared of negativity, anxiety.
  • increased activity: after a massage, a person feels a surge of vigor, inspiration for new achievements, apathy and mental fatigue pass.

Tantric massage is finding harmony

It is more a spiritual practice than a physical one. It favorably affects the general condition of a person, sexuality, and attitude. Close contact of partners is seen as a way to release their true desires and motives. According to the philosophy of tantras, the merging of the feminine and masculine is the path to harmony. It should be borne in mind that intimate penetration is not carried out. In eastern countries, massage is also seen as an active form of meditation, which contributes to the development of concentration and peace.

This sensual massage in its effect can replace several sessions with a professional psychologist. Tantric massage excites the imagination, opens up new facets of emotions. Due to the achievement of internal balance, complexes about appearance disappear. This is a great way to overcome your complexes and become more relaxed. The body and mind achieve peace, and as a result, a person is filled with inspiration and new forces.

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