Body-to-Body Erotic Massage

Body-to-Body Erotic Massage
Since ancient times, massage has been used as physical therapy, which contributes to general healing, relieving muscle tension and complete relaxation. Erotic massage includes unique practices and techniques that affect not only the physical but also the emotional state of a person. Massage for adults allows you to get a whole gamut of pleasant sensations and awaken sexual energy.

What is the uniqueness of body-to-body erotic massage?

Sensual erotic massage is an excellent solution for the development of sexuality, sensuality, and the adoption of your body. This service is very popular in France among both men and women. Previously, this type of massage was treated with skepticism, but now this service is popular in various spa-salons. Body-to-body erotic massage has roots from eastern countries, where caring for your body is extolled to special rituals and often comes in contact with philosophical teachings.

A key feature of this type of massage is the execution technique. A prerequisite is that the masseuse and the client are completely naked. Massage is performed by different parts of the body and focused on intimate zones. The body of the masseuse glides over the client’s body in different dynamics, combining smooth and rhythmic movements. In this form, the touch becomes more sensual, so the sensations can not be compared with the effect of the classic type of massage. The result exceeds all expectations.

Types of body-to-body erotic massage;

The birthplace of the concept of “body-to-body massage” is eastern countries. It isn’t surprising, because Asian cultures have a special attitude to their bodies. Many philosophical teachings are based on the need for physical and emotional balance. The most popular types of body-to-body erotic massage are Thai massage and Nuru.

Thai massage

Thai body-to-body erotic massage is the most popular option among other areas of erotic massage. Eastern practice includes exposure n to certain points with the maximum possible physical contact. Immediately before the session, the client takes a shower, because water relieves tension in the body, promotes relaxation.

Thai erotic massage includes the techniques of classical massage, therefore, favorably affects the physical condition of a person. A masseuse pre-lubricates her body with natural essential oil. This is done with the aim that the sliding on the client’s body is as natural and easy as possible. The masseuse uses different poses, positions of the hands, hips, and buttocks.

Tactile touches of the naked body to the body contribute to excitement, enjoyment, and relaxation. To give maximum pleasure, the masseuse glides smoothly over the erogenous zones of the client. During the massage, an exchange of energies takes place, the client receives a gamut of aesthetic and physical pleasure.

Nuru massage

This type of massage came to European countries from Japan. It has a key feature – this is the use during the session of a special oil made from seaweed. This oil is colorless, odorless and does not cause allergic reactions. That is why Nuru massage is also called a “soapy” or “slippery” massage. Thanks to its gel texture, gliding from body to body is very smooth and gives a pleasant feeling.
Nuru erotic massage promotes the awakening of sexual energy, getting rid of emotional and physical stress. This is an opportunity to realize bold fantasies and plunge into an unforgettable world of new sensations.

Body-to-body erotic massage: execution techniques

The key to the effectiveness of massage is the use of certain methods and techniques. Depending on the type of massage technique may differ in sequence and method of implementation. The most popular methods are:

  • rubbing: applied at the beginning of the massage. The specialist uses warm natural essential oil and rubs the client’s back, stomach, arms, buttocks with light circular movements. In this way. tissue stretching occurs.
  • vibration: with fingertips, palms, the masseuse acts on certain points, removes clamps from the muscles, and has an analgesic effect.
  • stroking: can be used both at the end and at the beginning of a massage session. Smooth skin strokes improve circulation. contribute to the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • kneading: a key method that takes about 75% of the entire session to complete.
  • percussion: these are light tapping on different parts of the body, which are performed at the end of the massage.

The erotic massage from the body to body is a great way to relieve physical and emotional stress and find inner harmony and tranquility.

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