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Stress, fatigue, anxiety have become part of many people’s lives. Emotional stress is often transferred to the physical level, so people feel depressed and squeezed like a lemon. To restore strength and take a fresh look at the world, the ancient Japanese and Chinese used a sensual massage. Now, this practice is successful in European resorts, including France.

This is a good way to relax in the body, acting on the points that release the clamps in the muscles. It is also a manifestation of care and love for oneself, acceptance of one’s body, liberation from internal complexes.

What are the advantages of sensual erotic massage?

The uniqueness of this massage lies in its complex effect on the physical, emotional state of a person. There are various types of adult massage, which differ among themselves in performing techniques, affecting certain points and parts of the body, purposeful decision of this or that task. An experienced specialist in sensual massage knows all the subtleties of how to give an unforgettable experience.

A sensual massage helps to achieve the following results:

  • complete relaxation: the specialist massages all parts of the body, paying special attention to the most sensitive points on the body. After the session, the total is maintained for several days.
  • recovery: due to the complex effect on all parts of the body, blood vessels are strengthened. Due to the activation of metabolism, toxins accumulated in the body are absorbed and excreted from tissues. This has a positive effect on the condition of the whole body: swelling decreases, the skin becomes more elastic
  • development of sexual potential: sensory touches to intimate areas allow you to learn more about your body, singular sexual energy, increases libido in men.
  • skin condition improvement: natural aromatic oils are used in the work, which has a favorable effect on the skin, it becomes more elastic and tender.
  • achieving peace: massage helps to get rid of negative thoughts and anxiety.
An erotic massage helps to achieve emotional balance, therefore it is recommended for those people who are in constant tension. Tactile touch gives a feeling of pleasure and bliss. During the session, the consciousness is completely turned off, the person receives an emotional discharge, experiences a gamut of pleasant feelings. Massage has a beneficial effect on the restoration of strength, sexual energy, allows you to get rid of complexes and feelings about your appearance.

Sensual massage is suitable for both men and women of any age. Many spa salons, including in France, have a whole staff of specialists, so clients can choose a man or a woman as a masseur. Sensual massage specialists have a good command of techniques for influencing certain points, as well as are well aware of the anatomical features of the structure of the human body.

To achieve the best effect, a special atmosphere is created for the procedure. Massage is carried out in a separate comfortable room. For complete relaxation, scented candles, essential oils, special stones, and minerals are used. Also one of the important points is oriental music, which acts meditatively.

What are the types of sensual massage?

There are several different types of sensual massage: Nuru, Tantric and Body to Body. But the most universal and common option is general body massage. This is physical therapy to relax muscles, restore strength and energy, achieve emotional balance. As a rule, the procedure consists of several phases:

  1. Relaxation: to prepare the body for the procedure, lightly apply natural oil or moisturizer to the skin. All movements are performed smoothly. Thus, the body warms up, the skin becomes softer and more elastic.
  2. Massage: manipulations are carried out in zones: first, the back is worked out, then the stomach, legs and other parts of the body. Massage is performed by different parts of the body. For example, often girls touch the erogenous zones with their breasts or hips, which excites and gives unforgettable sensations. Smooth touches are replaced by more rhythmic ones.
  3. The final stage: the massage therapist finishes the session by gently stroking different parts of the body.

Tantric massage

This is one of the most striking examples of sensitive massage. He combines the special philosophy of treating the body as a temple, ancient tantras, and Taoist practices. The technique of tantric massage is designed in such a way as to awaken sensuality on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

It is one of the forms of sexual meditation, during which the energy of partners merges together. This is a whole system of breathing practices, the concentration of movements, during which you can achieve peace of mind.

Erotic Massage Paris

If you are going to France, you will find one of the best sensual massage in Paris.

You can explore such types of sexual massage like:

  • Tantric;
  • Nu (Nude);
  • Sensual;
  • Yoni and Lingam;
  • For Couples;
  • Nuru;
  • 4 Hands Massage.

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